Day 1 – The Approach to Stover Creek Shelter

Appalachian Adventure

12.6 Miles

After 2 days, 4 planes, 2 trains and the awesome taxiing and hosting from Rochelle. We arrived at the Amicolola Visitor Center to sign in, get educated in leave no trace, have the “official” arch photo and take a look at the falls.

Full disclosure… we did not walk the 604 stairs of the falls, but did start the approach trail at the Amicolola lodge

Rochelle picked us up, housed us, took us shopping, showed us the sites and sent us on our way. It could not have been a better start to a great adventure! We cannot thank Rochelle and her generosity enough.

Starting on the Approach trail, we were nervous and excited. Being an 8.2 section of “non trail miles” many people skip it and get dropped at the Springer car park. Many  others take their time and spend a couple of days on the Approach Trail. We knew that we wanted to not only complete it but to get some official miles on the Appalachian Trail, on our first day. The first shelter is at .2 miles beyond the start and that would’ve been fine. It was so steep, snowy and icy in places but we still felt great and decided to continue another 2.6 miles to Stover Creek Shelter.

And we are off 🙂

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