Day 2 – Stover Creek Shelter to Hawk Mountain Shelter

Appalachian Adventure

5.3 miles

Stover creek Shelter to Hawk Mountain Shelter

Woke up to snow everywhere, there must have been a couple of inches dropped overnight and it was freezing.

Although it started off freezing, the day was beautiful. Our first full day on the trail, our first scary creek crossing. The thin logs across the creek were covered in compacted snow, slippery icy slick logs. Once we were over them the walk was pleasant. Mainly on sandy type track with snow covered edges. It turned out to be warmer than expected and was a pretty cruise day.

We attempted our first shelter stay, at Hawk Mountain Shelter. We were the first ones there but it quickly filled up. There was a random mixture of ages and characters. The people were nice and friendly but we didn’t sleep well in the cold, crowded, open walled shelter.

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