Day 4 – Gooch Gap Shelter to Woody Gap

4.9 miles

The morning started beautiful. The trail was smooth, the hill climbs were pleasant, the people were cheerful. About 2 miles in the heavens opened up, the wind started howling and it was dreadful. It was at this moment that we realised that our rain gear was insufficient and we were drenched through and freezing.

Seeing the sign for Woody Gap was awesome as some lovely person had placed two eskis of trail magic there. They had so many different things in there. Cokes, coffee sachets, muesli bars, chocolate bars and other snacks. Steve got some coffee sachets and a coke.

By time we had crossed that road the wind was worse and our lack of movement had made us freeze more. Ashamed that we had only gone 4.9 miles, we called the Blood Mountain Cabins. Luckily for us another trail angel, Preacher, was in the parking lot to offer us a lift to the cabin.

It was heaven! Warm showers, cleaned washing, heating and frozen pizza. It was so worth the short day for a clean, warm dry night. They had an outfitter next door so we purchased better rain gear in preparation for the next day, back on the trail.

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