Panguitch to Bryce Canyon

We were so cold and exhausted by time we got to Panguitch that we headed to the first motel we found. The motel was dank and run down but the staff were helpful and friendly. On the way to Panguitch, we had been told by many people that we needed to try “the best milkshake in the world” when we got there. We’re not sure of those individuals experience outside of their town or state let alone the world as it was almost as disappointing as our ride to get here.

Welcomed beauty and wonderful roads

Up early the next morning and ready to leave. On the way out of town we were surprised at how pretty the town actually was.

From then on the day got better and better. The sun was shining, but the wind was still icy. This made for a pleasant morning riding and soon we were rewarded even more by the sights of Red Rock Canyon.

The shapes, the colours, the amount of people. All amazing!

The photos do not do justice to the colours but Red Rock Canyon was certainly correctly named. It was a lovely area with great roads and plenty of sights to see

Just when we thought it couldn’t get better… the road veered off and we had our very own, very well made, bike track. The track kept us well of the road as it wound along side it. Giving us the views and freedom to enjoy them. This track was so amazing it went forever, all the way to Bryce Canyon

From the safety of our bike track we got to observe that beauty of the rocks as they naturally are and then the efforts that have been made by man to work along with them.

Why go around when you could go through?

The second time we had seen a tunnel through the rocks. This one was much thicker, having no sign of light until in side the tunnel.

Our reward when finally arriving at Bryce Canyon was to hire a Teepee. This was a novel experience that we loved. It was so warm and cosy, plus we didn’t have to set up tents. Win, win!

Bryce Canyon also had free babysitting. This was exactly what we needed after a few long rough days on the bikes with the kids.

Bryce Canyon is also where Steve discovered giant beer cans… Thus beginning his challenge of a different beer in every state.

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