Cedar City to Panguitch

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…..

After being stuck in Cedar City for the last few days we were eager to get back on the road.

The road out of Cedar City was steep, winding and windy, but beautiful. After the deserts of California and Nevada it was pleasing to see things green and blooming.

The snow was still as evident in the trees as it was in the breeze that was determined to keep us on the mountain longer. It was a very long slow day. The bitter wind forced us to wear all of our layers.

The day was clearing up and the views were great. We still had a way to go before we reached the top. The road was in great condition but the shoulder was lacking in places. We were extra cautious of passing, speeding traffic around these curves.

The final stop before the climb to the peak. Even though we were still going up, it literally did go all down hill from here.

Due to the storm reports of snow on the peak  a decision was made to go around a different (not so direct) route.

We were hesitant due to the extra 20 miles it would add but thought it would be safer than to be caught in the snow.

Little did we know that it was a horrible long winding road with very little signage and no amenities on the way.

We were forced to crawl into our tents after dark, on the side of the road. It was the coldest night we had experienced and the most miserable of the entire trip.

We got up early the next day to try and recover some time as we headed to Panguitch.

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