January 7th 2022

After riding from Tallahassee back to New Orleans we settled back in to plan and prepare for the next leg of our journey. We have spent the last couple of weeks hanging out at Cajuns place this has given the chance to clean out our stuff and have taken the opportunity to send a lot of unused stuff back home. This exercise has made a dramatic difference to our loads, both in bulk and weight. Ozzie (the bat), Steve’s Halloween hood ornament has had another make over. He has ditched the Santa outfit and is ready to party in his New Orleans Mardi Gras garb.

We were planning on heading back out straight after New Year but bad weather has come in, so we will kick back and relax for a few more days. Steve has found a few jobs to keep himself busy.

Plus we were interview by a local paper. Cajun (Kelly Ford) is a guy we kept running into on the Appalachian Trail. The newspaper had already done an article on him for the hiking the trail. They were keen to know what he was going to do next. Cajun was such great value that we followed him home to New Orleans. Now he is going to join us on our ride west.

At this stage we say we are heading west. How west? We don’t know, as long as we don’t get too cold. If it gets too cold we might drop into Mexico again. The freedom of being on the road and maintaining our flexibility means endless possibilities of destinations and time.

Steve relaxing 🙂
New Orleans Famous
Ozzie the Bat
Ozzie at Christmas
Ozzie New Orleans style