Las Vegas to Cedar City

After our lazy week of hotel living and wonderful experiences we packed our stuff ready to hit the road again.

Heading out from the hotel in Las Vegas we stopped at the edge of town and got some Wendy’s for lunch.

These are nothing like the Wendy’s in Australia. More like a McDonald’s type menu, with burgers and fries.

Nothing much to see out this side of Nevada. More desert, more highway.

We were excited to see the sign and say and goodbye to Nevada

Hello Arizona our 3rd state. Arizona has so much to offer. As we only cut the corner of it (40miles) we didn’t get to see much at all. Arizona is definitely on the “Must see again” list

After a very long flat desert roads of Nevada, we were not prepared or the mountains ahead that Arizona presented, almost immediately.

The boys may have been procrastinating… that sign says “CURVES MOUNTAIN GRADES NEXT 11 MILES”

One of the rest stops through the mountain ranges. It was pleasantly surprising to see the beautiful rock formations and greenery through the range

One of the hazards with touring on racing bike tyres…. flat tyre 17 of 438.

Although the rest was welcomed, the work involved got a bit tedious, time and time again

Isaac was not as excited to fix flat tyres and thought it looked like a good time to stretch

More milestones and miracles

After our short 40 miles of Arizona we reached Utah

State line number 4 WOOHOO!!

Utah miracle number one. After weeks of desert we found our next stop, Quail Lake. Like an oasis in the vast desert of Utah.

Quail Lake is created reservoir to support the irrigation of the area, it was completed in 1985 and is both beautiful and enormous. It was welcoming and impressive.

The guys spent the rest of the afternoon cooling off in the lake

A beautiful quiet spot, with a fantastic view. This will be our home tonight

The next day we had a relatively short ride to Cedar City. Although short it was hilly and tough. We were happy to arrive and set up camp for the night

Guess who didn’t pedal today and had too much energy after we stopped. Isaac ran around or a few more hours chasing the football and finding treasures.

The locals had been warning us of a predicted bad turn in the weather. This was going to delay our departure from Cedar City. The next day we packed up and headed to a motel.

Just in time too. Down came the rain and snow. The rain was very heavy so the snow didn’t settle but if you stare really closely you can see a little in Isaac’s hair.

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