The logistics so far, are the hardest part of the trip. It not only includes planes, trains and automobiles but visa and passport requirements.

For our visas we need a certain amount of information. There are so many stories, blogs, youtubers, facebookers and information out there that I am sure we will have all of these questions sorted out in plenty of time.

One thing that we cannot research as well is the Visa situation.

Although we have got information or suggestions from other travelers or sites, the Visa process is individual experience. We need to  have ourselves sorted enough to produce everything that we can for them to grant us an extended Visa.

Even though the B2 Visa can cover many years, we can only stay in the USA for six months at a time. This is an acceptable time to complete the AT but we would like to be granted some contingency time. I’m pretty confident that we will have it covered.

First we will need to organise how to get from Australia to the USA. Where are we going to land? We could get a flight from Brisbane to Atlanta but do they go there every day or might we have to be flexible with our departure dates?

Even though Atlanta seems the most sensible choice, is there another option, or stopover that would suit our need to collect gear and equipment?

If we go to another city how do we get to Georgia?

If we go to Atlanta how do we get to Springer Mountain?

Where do we depart from to come home?

Do we book a different arrival/departure location, can this even be done?

As we tick things off our list we will keep you updated. The entire success of out Thru-hike is dependent on our ability to leave our country.