Our 5 Favourite Gear Shops

Wildfire Sports & Trek


The range and price are often better than most stores that we have visited but it’s the service that cannot be beaten.

The wildfire staff are pro’s in their departments and work cohesively to support each other to assist you.

Online or in store, these guys are great!



REI is one of the most well known and well used outdoor stores in the USA. Until 2018 they shipped to Australia. Although this disappoints us greatly that they no longer ship here. They remain on our list as the service and advice in store is top class. As well as a bigger range and better prices than anywhere else we have visited.

We will be online ordering all the essentials we need to tackle the Appalachian Trail and picking them up in a US store once we arrive.

Paddy Pallin


Paddy’s has many stores around the country (Australia). Brisbane was our closest and we bought most things from there.

In terms of best store, I cannot say as I have not visited them all but a standout of the ones I have seen is Melbourne CBD. The range there is amazing. You could spend days browsing through the walls and walls of gear and gadgets.



Snowy’s online, is an understated but well stocked store. No bells and whistles but super sales and exceptional service and delivery. This place does not get the in your face over advertising of other stores but seek it out and you will not be disappointed.

I was so impressed that I am planning a visit to a bricks and mortar stores in the future.



Anaconda has a lot of generic product in its range but also offers most of the top brands. This, on top of the frequent sales they have, mean that they are competitive in pricing as well as range across the board