Our Appalachian Trail Adventure

On February 28th 2020 there was light snow, a little rain and a lot of anticipation.

This was the beginning of one of the biggest, scariest adventures we have entered into… so far.

After being spoilt by the hospitality of Rochelle, we set off for our Appalachian Trail adventure.We were so nervous and excited as we entered the approach trail that we hardly felt the snow and cold.

After our stop at the top of Springer Mountain, we were officially on the Appalachian Trail.

The air was getting colder as the evening approaching, we were still walking for our first miles on the official trail, to the first shelter.

It was a big day of firsts. Our first long hike, our first night camping in snow and our first meeting of our awesome trail buddies Donna and Bob.

The days were sometimes long, sometimes wet, sometimes windy and always hilly. We were surprised at the variations in ground surfaces in such short periods. The landscape changing around every corner.

We loved the climbs, as they burnt our lungs and legs and we were very lucky to get some fantastic views. We missed just as many views as well, due to the fog and rain.

The highs were

  • The views
  • The nature
  • The company
  • The freedom
  • The beauty

The lows were

  • The rain
  • The cold
  • Some people
  • The pandemic

With heavy, freezing cold, hearts we succumbed to external pressures and abandoned the hike, due to COVID.

The stresses of the pandemic on society were to great and although we attempted to continue, to support those small communities and local businesses, the fear mongering and lack of services made it impossible for us, at the time.

As we started in the snow on our first day it was quite fitting that we finished in the snow on our last day.

It was an amazing adventure and we will be back and we will continue.

Videos of our hike

Our Photo Gallery

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