The Gear

Buying gear is a big outlay, and for most people takes a lot of research.

Thru hikers seem to be most obsessed with the weight of items, with the secondary consideration being comfort and last seems to be price. The ultralight gear can be very pricey but most opinions are that it is worth the money for a comfortable load to carry.

These weight considerations sometimes seem a little odd (cutting the handle off a toothbrush), but making smart choices is said to pay off body wise.

We are pretty lucky that, traveling together, we will be sharing most things and this means less things and a shared load.

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What we have so far.

Like with the bikes, we understand that with the backpack, fit is important. We had researched many brands, styles and types online.

Ultimately our decision came down to what we could try on and have professionally fitted.

As we were doing this in Australia we were limited and didn’t get to try many of the ultra, ultralight bags like the Zpack, Gossamer or Adventure Equipment, but we were pretty happy with what we got.

We had a 7 hour drive to Wildfire Sports, where we had intended to pick up an Opsrey Atmos 65L for Steve and an Osprey Aura 50L for me.

After fitting them Steve walked around the shop for a bit and wasn’t completely comfortable, so he tried on others.

I immediately fell over backwards when trying on the Aura. It seemed to sit  too high and back for me. What we left with was the Osprey Exos 58L for Steve and the Osprey Eja 48L for me. As mine is an extra small, it is only really a 42 litre. Which after seeing it in real life, I feel is a lot of room, possibly too much.

While at Wildfire we also picked up more shoes. Saucony Peregrines for me and Salomons XA Pro for Steve. These probably won’t be what we will wear on the trail but we thought we would try a few different types since we have the time.
Other stuff we have accumulated is the Sea to Summit Pillows, Sit Pads, a Gopro, Ponchos, a cook set, poles and a couple of stuff sacks.
Things we still need to get Tent, Sleeping pads, a quilt, stove, gaiters, and headlamps.

There are things that we won’t be able to take with us so we will need to source stuff in the US, before the trail.

We are looking at the Zpack tents and Jetboil stoves but most other things will stay the same.

Other Gear

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases