The Vegas Experience

With so much to see in the USA, we decided to take a week long vacation to tour around the Las Vegas area.

We’ve all heard the stories but Las Vegas did not disappoint for “the strange and unexpected” .The first shock of the mythical land of anything can happen; we cannot camp at a caravan park as we do not have a car. Yes, you heard it right! We were turned away from a camping ground as we didn’t have a car. It didn’t matter that our bikes cost as much as a car; there was no budging on the rules.

Many thing surprised us with Las Vegas. Firstly we were not expecting it to be so large, it is enormous.

It spans so much further than the flashy strip that is flaunted across our tv screens. It was 105 Fahrenheit (over 40c) and no shade.

We rode down some dodgy Vegas streets in search of any accommodation and finally, after an hour of riding, we came across a very posh hotel. We were so hot and flustered that we decided to get a room for one night. After checking in the first thing we did was use the free internet to find somewhere to stay for the rest of week.

The next morning we got back on the bikes and headed to the Tropicana Hotel, which was right on the strip. Not one of the best or most glamorous hotels but the location was perfect and after stowing the bikes and gear we set out to explore. After steering the kids through the myriad of noisy bright pokie machines we found ourselves poolside. It was the very Vegas experience that we had been expecting. Party boys, bikini girls, large fancy cocktails and of course the poolside parade of feather clad dancing girls.

The Tours

The next day we took a bus tour to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam was an amazing display of what creative engineering and an unimaginable amount of concrete could become.

It truly was a marvel of straight grey lines in an amazingly rugged surrounding.

After a look around and a little history tour we were soon on our way to The Grand Canyon.

It was a bit of a drive to get to the Grand Canyon and along the way our guide warned that it was neither the best side of the canyon, explaining that the other side was more scenic. He also mentioned the best time of day to experience it as the sunrise and sunsets create an completely different colours and the view we would have would be drab in comparison. 

We were still impressed… it was truly grand.

Yes, the colours were muted at that time of day but the patterns and shapes of the jutting rocks and mounds were incredible. Well worth the four hour bus trip.

I cannot even describe the enormity of the expanse and give it the justice that is deserved.

So many layers and colours. My camera did not do it justice at all

The rest of the week was spent doing other kid friendly activities, of which there were plenty.

We saw a gangster exhibition, the Bodies exhibition, which had cross sections and real human corspes on display for scientific enlightenment.

Along with the many adventures through casinos and parades of Elvis’s we finished the week with a meal at the surprisingly family friendly Hooters restaurant.

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