How easy it is to ride a bicycle across the USA

The USA has the most incredible, encouraging and available resources making riding your bike cross country or weekend adventures simple.

Anyone can do it!

Well almost anyone….

Can you ride a bike? Are you confident on the road? You can ride across America.

You don’t have to be ultra fit or super sporty. You don’t even need fancy equipment.

How? At your own pace, to your own agenda and in your own budget.


Some people ride across the country in a month or so. Others take years.

It really doesn’t matter how much time you have as you can choose any adventure to suit your window of opportunity.

Even if you do dream of riding the whole and can’t find the time to complete the entire thing in one go. Do what you can find the time for. I’ve never heard of a rule that says you must complete it all at once. A section at a time will still be a wonderful achievement. 

The benefit of going slow and taking your time is you get to see a lot more and experience different things.


Of course it will be easier if you are fit. But you don’t need to let that hold you back if you are not there yet. Fitness will come. Starting out riding short distances until you work your way up to massive days is up to you and nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone can run a marathon the first time. Don’t expect to break the land speed record straight up.

You will get fitter and you will get stronger every day that you are out there. 

Take the time to get off the bike, walk around and explore. Take a break when you need it. Stretch when you need it. Cry and lay down when you need it. Your body will tell you when it has had enough. Listen to it. You don’t have to be a hero, you will be sore. Deal with is and rest.

Not every day will be wonderful so enjoy as much as you can.


We have seen a few shiny fantastic speedster bikes, some mid line touring bikes and many department store mountain bike. As long as you are comfortable on your ride and don’t overload it too much, you can ride any bike.

You don’t need to spend thousands on gear.  A cheap tent may be a little heavier but it is still way cheaper than a motel. There are some many free camping options.

Your budget may restrict you but it shouldn’t limit you. Doing homework and making smart choices can make your dollars last.

Awesome Resources

The most AMAZING resource you will ever find. If you know of something better, drop us a comment we would love to check it out.

Adventure Cycling Association has maps for anywhere. Criss crossing the country on scenic routes and historical pathways. We were so impressed with the maps. not only did they show camping, water and food availability. They also showed distance and elevation, so we could properly prepare a plan for each day.

The maps are so comprehensive and simple to follow that most of the hard work of logistics is virtually done for you. It is only your own imagination and dreams that you will have to consider to set your route.


I know, I know, this is not the first time that we have sung the praises of REI

As well as having the greatest range of gear and frequent sales, REI also offer expert advice and classes on all things adventure, including cycling, touring, camping and heaps more.

They also have a great returns policy. So if something is not working for you, you can take it back and get it sorted. 

3 thoughts on “How easy it is to ride a bicycle across the USA

  1. Wow this sounds amazing. We haven’t ridden a bike for a while and the last time we did we got saddle sore after 2 hours on hired biked.

    At least if we dust off our own bikes and improve our Fitness’s and saddles we may manage it…

    1. Thanks Emma
      The better the bike fit the less the pain. We learnt the hard way too 🙂
      Bike touring lets you see so many more things than you would in a vehicle. It’s a great way to explore.

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