Appalachian Preparation

After deciding our step off date we set to put our planning into action.

This is us figuring out what we needed to do, needed to get and how we were going to achieve this.


While planning to get there is 100% complete.We have chosen to leave the “How to leave” part until further to late into the hike. This will give us the flexibility to choose dates and locations that suit our needs at the time.


Trying to wind up normal life has been the biggest challenge. When we think we have notified every service, organised finances and insurances, something else comes to light.

We are pretty sure that we are on top of everything now and are just waiting for the sale of the house and the cars, to go through.


The gear is done… for now. Most things we have collected over the year of planning and other things like phones, fuel and a knife will be picked up in the US.

Seasonal and weather patterns along the way, will also dictate our gear choice changes as we go